QCPM on Raspian Stretch Lite


QCPM - Raspian Stretch Lite (non-gui)

Instructions for installing QCPM using a pi zero using a Stretch Lite version downloaded from pi.
Source: Pi Downloads
First thing to do after creating your micro SD is to boot up with a monitor and keyboard.
Just a few settings and the rest can be done via command line and ssh.
I booted up for the first time and entered in the default pi login of pi and raspberry.
Start the config from command line by typing:
sudo raspi-config
Within raspi-config I changed password, changed host name, set up wifi, enabled ssh,vnc,boot direct non-gui using pi login and expanded file system.
Make sure you are getting an IP address on wlan0 (wifi) or hardwired if you use a network cable.
Once you have an IP address you can do the rest from your normal machine.
(The rest is from my other pi with gui version)
Note:--Replace anywhere you see [ipOfYourMachine] with the ip address of your quickcpm pi and omit the braces.
Copy over quickcpm.zip using sc;
scp quickcpm.zip pi@[ipOfYourMachine]:quickcpm.zip
SSH to your machine
ssh [ipOfYourMachine]
Install pip
sudo apt-get install python-pip
Install the serial library
pip install pyserial
perform all of the normal pi update stuff.
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
I created a chrontab to run upload of IP every hour with an app I wrote called piup.py. You can skip this step if you do not have piup.
crontab -e
Added line:
0 * * * * python3 /home/pi/bin/piup.py
Control x to exit nano and yes to save.
Next to unzip quick cpm
mkdir quickcpm
unzip quickcpm.zip quickcpm
cd quickcpm
nano quickcpm.py
Set all of the ftp settings if you did not already set them and make sure the directories at the beginning of the file match what you have. i.e. workdir, fptU, ftpP,ftpHost.....
Control-X to exit nano and yes to save
python quickcpm.py
You should see it start working.
Next I want to set it up to run automatically on boot.
I am thinking I will do this as a daemon and will add those steps as soon as I have time.

Note: By mistake I ran python3 quickcpm.py.. it was written for python2. If you run python3 you will get parentheses errors because it does not wrap print statements in print(string)

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