Android Application Try1


Update.. Android app has been developed but not with studio.
MIT App Inventor was used.
Read on for old notes...


11/19 I may not rule it out. I can run AS but just cannot build. Might be able to work around this. 11/05 No need in reading the rest.. Android Studio will not work on a pi. Back to my windows desktop.
I am attempting to install Android Studio on the dungeon pi. This is my daily work-horse that I use for most pi stuff.
I really have no clue if this will work or not. All of my previous droid work has been using eclipse on my windows machine. In an attempt to fully integrate more into the linux world I thought it would be worth the effort. The initial install is over a gig in size so it will take some time to download.
Android developers is where I am downloading the install from.
Having done some development already via eclipse, I know that the images for each of the android flavors can certainly burn up some drive space.


This is where I am not sure if the pi will stand up to actual development. though it is a useful device I am not sure it has the cajones to be a full blow dev box. I have a feeling that it will not, but I will note that here as I progress. At the time of writing I am close to 15 minutes in on the download at around 50% completed, so it will probably take around 15 minutes for the full download to complete. Upon reading, I am probably also going to need to install some java SDKs. I am not sure if pi comes with anything.
I did find a site that walks through the installation but my initial test will be just a no brain'er install starting from google dev.
My initial intent will be a very small 4 button blue tooth app similar to the piACC console lamp menu. It will also include the blue tooth connection buttons, possibly in an alternate menu but will see how it goes size-wise.
The download took about 15 minutes. To note, do not click on the file with the archiver in pi. Once you have downloaded, change to the directory where you installed it and simply run
unzip [filename]
Omitting the braces. It pretty much took the little pi everything it had to unzip the 1G file... breathing on occasion. Though utilization stayed fairly low, so I am wondering how valid the utilization monitoring is.
Like the piACC console, the android app will have 4 buttons:
  • Outer Toggle
  • Inner toggle
  • Flasher Toggle
  • All Toggle

Again, nothing fancy, just the ability to manipulate the relay controller by passing the required strings.
More as it progresses.