Splunk-CLI App Install


The dilemma was this..
I was working from home and needed to install DB Connect onto a new splunk server (Windows).
The web console installation was painfully slow and would simply not complete no matter how long I waited.
The Solution:
You can manually install it locally via the CLI (Command Line Interface) on the splunk server.
The following was how I was able to accomplish this. (I am recalling from memory so hopefully it is complete)

First I uploaded the .gtz file up to the server (cut and paste from RDP). Due to network restrictions, downloading from the server was not possible.
(This was fairly fast, so I knew the install was the initial problem and not the xfer of the file)

From the splunk server, I opened an admin version of powershell. (accessories/right click and run as admin)
I changed directory to the splunk program files bin location. (i.e. x:/program files/splunk/bin)
Note: I had uploaded the .gtz file to a subdir I created in the /bin directory to make things easier.

From powershell, I ran the CLI install command, you will need to enter the splunk admin username and pwd.
I think the command went like this:
./splunk install app ./install/dbconnect_filename.tgz

It then said the app was installed and I was required to reboot the splunk process which I did from the web console.
Done and done... worked.

Since this was db connect I also had to install the "database client" jar files under the new "db connect" app folder so that it could make the db connections.
Simply follow the splunk instructions for this. From a previous install, I already had a dir which contained the jar files for msSQL, PostGre and mySQL, so
I just copied that directory to the server.

Hope it helps