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First off, I found this helpful guide that explains in detail some of the settings and things to watch out for in regards to 3D printing. Secondly, we are not a sponsor for Rigid Ink, we just found their articles to be very informative. I am considering purchasing some of their PLA plastic for testing but they are in the UK so I am not sure how that will work out.
Thirdly, my experience is with a PowerSpec 3D Ultra printer and none others.
While much of the information will work across multiple printers, filaments, etc.. I can only base my opinions on the hardware I have available.


Simplify3D slicer comes with the PowerSpec 3D Ultra. This is the software that you will use to print your 3D objects.
If you are having issues, they have a very good checklist/problem resolver page at Simplify3D Troubleshooting. It contains images of common problems which makes it easy to look at your print and determine what you may be doing wrong or what is not set quite right.

Rigid Ink - A Helpful Site

PLA 3D Printing - Rigid Ink
There are many factors that are involved to getting a successful print.
The printing process can be a very frustrating one. Settings are a key factor and without the correct settings you are probably doomed to fail.
I have found a lot of good information regarding printing, filaments, etc on their site. I have not ordered any products from them but may in the near future.


They offer a nice graphic on adhesion.
(If image is unavailable, visit their site via the link above.)


Source:Preventing Warping by Rigid Ink
I will be adding specific examples as I work through problems and come up with suggestions.
For now, I will use this page as a source for my own reference, feel free to use it for yours as well if it helps.