Version 7

Completed: 2018Dec21
The piACC Mini-Min has been completed.
piACC Mini-Min is a small form factor, membrane keypad controller which interfaces with the piACC Relay Controller to operate external vehicle lighting and accessories.

Project Status

Due to 3D printer problems I am unable to get a clean print with PLA. Images shown are using PET, but I need to aquire a new heated print surface cover to proceed.

Current Features

Compact 3d printed case (in work) Flush membrane 4 button keypad with multi-touch functions and ribbon cable.
(Relays 1-4, All On, All Off, MiniMin reboot/shutdown, Relay reboot/shutdown)
Accessory status indicator LED (yellow) - Lights if any relays are active.
Connection status indicator LED (green) - Lights to verify relay connectivity state.
Standard USB Connection or micro USB connection.
Micro to Standard USB on/off cable.
pi Zero WH (with headers)


40mm(y) x 75mm(x) x 27mm(z)
abitowhit's picture

I removed a sleep delay and the combo-button press working perfect now for reboot and shutdown. I thought it was needed but I guess not. Working as expected every time now. I was also able to get the PLA 3d print working and added the PLA black image. My original intention was to go with a black case.