Bed Cover Cleaning


I will have to experiment on more prints to determine if this is actually true, but...
I cleaned my new BuildTak bed cover using Dawn dish washing detergent yesterday.
A minute drop on a paper towel and then wet the paper towel just a little.
I wiped the build plate with that solution, a little with the soap part and then a little with just the wet part of the paper towel.
It was just enough to get a little "bubbly" action going on.

I then wiped it all clean with a dry paper towel.
Now it may be total coincidence, but every print I did after doing that everything stuck perfectly.
I had also increased the temp so that may have been the fix, but the cleaning seemed to certainly help.

Maybe another use for Dawn?.. a "Miracle Cleaner" in my mind.
Another use is cleaning your car windows. Use the same procedure to get streak free, clean car windows.
It cut through dirt that Windex wouldn't touch.

I will update this if I find out for certain that it was a solution after more prints.