Console Improvements


POC Testing Results

After some actual testing of the control unit in the vehicle there are a few things that come to mind for easier usage.
One of the things I did to prevent accidental activation of a relay was to close the panel after each relay toggle.
Not per say an actual issue but I believe that moving commonly used relay control such as the plow lamp to the main entrance.
Since the majority of use will be the plow lamp, it just makes sense.
Astheticly the unit looks great, but a few of these added features would improve ease of use.

Console Buttons

This brought about the thought of creating a row of manual buttons across the top of the 7" console unit.
This would provide a few control buttons for quick access which is less distracting to the operator of the vehicle.
Not a full range of controls but possibly just a shutdown button and common lamp (plow) access.
More to come..