Werd - Are you for real?


I have been working on Werd, which is a captcha type application. 247coding has been wrapped in it to simply test out the functionality for the time being. Much to do with it and I would really like to get it to work with the login piece of this forum. We will see. I am making it open source and available for free at this point in time.
If you click on the Werd icon at the bottom of the page, you can find out more about it.

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/D6_Sk63EJ6c

If it seems to work, I may open up registration. If not, drop me a line at abitowhit at gmail.
Currently, 247coding default.aspx redirects to Werd. Within Werd, if the correct answer is supplied it will redirect you to the forum site, letting the site know it is ok for you to enter.
If you enter the forum site directly, it will send you back to Werd where you must submit the quiz.
I may add some additional challenges if it turns out to be too easy to get past it. The logs will tell.

I will put the overview of Werd up here on the site as well in a post that goes into further detail and eventually upload the source code.
3/18/2016 Got werd to work with phpBBS. Will start on wordpress next. Biggest problem I had was getting goDaddy to update the .net version to 4.52.
I have added to flingboard.com. Will see if that helps stop the spam accounts.