TheSymptoms Version

Version Control Details and Current Work

TheSymptomsV4 Release Date: TBD -Work in progress Work in Review: 2019Sep20 - API Settings (Current Work In Progress) The new Settings page will provide the ability to enter an API url. This will provide the ability to also post your events to an external location for backup or retrieval. It will consist of a URL and Key text box saved to the local database. On screen load, the main page will determine if valid API is turned on and forward events as they are triggered to both the local DB and API call. API should be SSL to prevent plain text transfers of data. To provide API flexibility, the keys will be entered into the key box as key/value pairs, one per line. 2019Sep19 - Symptom list refresh after selecting symptom to pick up new symptoms added. Added API methods and form to settings screen. Added API loader methods to DB and Main page (pending execution methods)

Version History

TheSymptomsV3 Rebuilt timer functions. Now stable. Some layout updates. TheSymptomsV2 Fixed timing problems. TheSymptomsV1 - Initial Rollout