Limited Blogs

Working iT In the grand scheme of things, it was not that I did have much to say but I had much to do. Most of my spare time has been spent concentrating on building new apps. I was able to launch ezColors, ColorPass, TheSymptoms, Bugz and soon to be WorkerBee (tracks) which is a spin-off of TheSymptoms but more geared for a work environment. Normally, I build them out of necessity or a purpose, but sometimes just for fun and to say that I was able to create it. The current consensus however is now "is it worth the time". This I am not sure of. It does provide a stress relief but then again it is also what I do every day at work. At work at least I get paid for it, but so far, this is not the case for my leisure time endeavors. So for now at least, if you use anything I have created, enjoy. I have a feeling that like the summer, it may be short lived. For now at least I will keep it going, abitowhit