Overview - App Inventor


MIT's App Inventor is a block based Android application development tool. This forum covers tips, tricks and examples you can use to help you to create your own Android application. There are some limitations, but if you are just looking to create your own app with little or no coding background, MIT's App Inventor is the place to go. What does "block based" mean? Simply put, these blocks allow you to "string up" code. Create variables, lists and database entries. It includes pre-built blocks that allow you to access and leverage basic Android functions such as the clock, GPS, gyroscope, etc. Within these blocks you can "string up" their functionality. Come on, who has never thought of creating their own app that does just what you want it to do?! Limitations: One of the things that I dislike about MITAI is that there are some things you cannot change. Creating a file or saving an image appends app inventor strings into the file name. The code itself will contain MIT strings on google play store. (i.e. appinventor.ai_yourname) It may be possible to change these but to this point I have not found an easy way. To me, it should be an available field within the app-inventor app loader, though I suppose recognition plays a part in this method, after all it is a useful tool.