Buster or Busted?


Ok, so on my first set of pi's I was really surprised how simple everything went. Both Pi3 and Pi zero with the Raspian image worked flawlessly. Normally, it was not until I really started playing around with things did they start to break down.. and was my own fault. I decided that I was going to try to build a mail server for fun using one of the new buster images. I started with the light version to go without a gui. After hours of trying to get wifi to work and around 3 re-images I gave up. The gui images in Raspian always worked without any problems, Wifi setup was quick, simple and just seemed to work so I tried the buster sans desktop. Rats.. same network issues... no wifi and no matter what I tried to do, still no wifi. I started to think "maybe it was the pi 3 unit" but then remembered that the unit was one that was already working with a Raspian image and wifi worked fine. Buster, in my case, seems to be another case of "new and improved" not quite being new or improved. I am by no stretch anywhere near a linux, unix, pi expert, far from it. As I try and try to move more away from windows, the time consumption on just getting simple things to work on linux keeps me wondering if it is worth the time and aggravation. It is however "great" if you really enjoy googling "how to fix things". I am going to go back to only using Raspian and if I then start having the same problems I will realize that "it must just be me". Of course I will update this if it turns out I was just doing something stupid..
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I have also had multiple times where file manager just totally freezes up. Could possibly be the pi4 itself but I am thinking there are some driver issues with the SD reading.