Adding Bluetooth Audio

So in my own round-about way, I have decided that once again I will try to get bluetooth audio working on this PiFace CLI unit. First was pairing to the device. First was to fire up sudo bluetoothctl Next was to scan for my bluetooth speakers. scan This turned on scanning and it immediately found the mac address of the speaker. I did pair ##-##... using the mac address of the speaker and the pair went fine. Then I did trust ##-##.... using the mac address of the speaker and it trusted successfully. I figure at this point minimally the connection was there. Next I installed omxplayer so I could use the internal audio jack for testing. sudo apt-get install omxplayer Then I installed ffmpeg though not sure why, but why not. sudo apt-get install ffmpeg Next I installed pulseaudio sudo apt-get install pulseaudio I rebooted the pi at this point sudo reboot After boot I wanted to make sure the device was still there. sudo bluetoothctl devices Device FC:58:FA:7F:03:57 HMDX Street Mini yup... and exit