Werd PHP index insert

werd phpBBS code snippet

Here is the code to insert into your default index.php file for phpBBS, your theme page file for Drupal or your
plugin if you are using WordPress.
Here is the video: https://youtu.be/L_qfwUjIpNw
Here is the video for the WordPress plugin installation: https://youtu.be/ckWLnkX0tUQ

Be sure to change the cookie name in the snippet to match what is in your web config "WerdCookie" value:
<span style="font-color:blue">add key="WerdCookie" value="LastFlingboardVisit"</span>

You will minimally need to put it in the ucp.php page which is the user control panel and registration page.
This should be located within a < ? php ................? > section of code.
You can place it in the index.php if you want guests to werd before they enter the forums.
*Werd Redirector
$cookie_name = "MyWerdCookie";
$werd_redirect = "<script type='text/javascript'>window.location.replace('/werd');</script>";
if(!isset($_COOKIE[$cookie_name])) {
<span style="color:red">echo $werd_redirect;