FB API Examples and Code


This is an example using some of the Facebook API login calls and graph functionality via JavaScript.
Notice: Only developers of the application will be able to see the examples in this page but I have provided screenshots of what it looks like on this forum post: FB API Example Screenshots. Since you are not a 247Coding developer, they will not appear on the page and you may also get a FB permissions warning message. This is to be expected.

If you will be testing code examples I would highly advise use of the Graph API Explorer under Tools & Support on the developers.facebook.com website. It is an excellant tool for seeing not only the structure of the APIs but has selectable properties, code exporting examples and will help you understand the layout of the APIs and their properties!

2/16/2018: I was able to get data from posts and feeds today. For this to work, you will have had to set up your app on the facebook developers site, assign your App ID to the code where it is noted.. App setup is not included here yet but there are plenty of existing examples on the web for doing so.
The complete code is available in the textbox below.
Here is the html and javascript source code cut and paste: