Animating your characters in Blender using BVH files

Creating Blender models and characters are one thing..making them come to life is quite another.
Note: I have created an application here on that will automatically assign the pose names to your bvh files.
It is available in the downloads section and you can find more information in the bvhSet page here on

This is an instructional tutorial on using Blender MakeWalk plugin to animate a Manuel Bastioni character armature using bvh files. for makewalk plugin ... "Download Blender Tools".
Excellent free character plugin at
This may also work with makehuman armatures but did not try at time of video.
BVH files can be found on
*Use caution on download ADs on their site, I almost fell for a fake download link.
They limit to a few downloads per day, so it may say "Loading".
I right click and do save as on the "download" button on top right
Happy Animating