Bluetooth No Useable Services


I ran across this on the new Buster install for Raspberry Pi 4. The problem is not Buster or Pi 4 specific because I have seen similar issues on the Pi Zero and Pi 3. If you are having problems connecting to your Pi from your mobile device, try installing BlueMan. For some reason, after installing blueman I was able to connect to my Samsung Galaxy mobile. sudo apt-get blueman After you install you should see two bluetooth icons on your task bar. I normally remove the original one and only leave the blueman version. If you right click on the icon you will see a list of options. Select "Setup New Device" Use this wizard to add your mobile device. On the Connect tab, select "Audio Device" The files you copy may not be audio files, but this will allow you to copy any type of file. Complete the wizard and you should now be able to copy and transfer files to and from your mobile device.
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