piACC POC Videos


12V Cig to USB


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Details on the relay board used in the image can be found on Robogaia.com
If you want to go smaller, you can order a 2 channel unit above. It does not have a header so you will have to wire it yourself.

piACC Videos

Over the last 6 months or so I have talked about building the piACC controllers, relay, etc.
I have finally found the time to post some videos on YouTube describing their functionality.

piACC Mini-Min with Blender Animation

I broke down each step in a blender 3D animation. This video includes overview of communications and wiring.

piACC Mini-Min

Mini-Min is the smallest version of the piACC Controller.
4 membrane buttons along with combination button presses provide relay control in a small package.

piACC 7" Console

This is the big daddy of the piACC lineup. It is a full size, 7 inch display with multiple features such as web browsing, wireshark and a few other goodies. The source for this one will probably constantly change as new features are desired.

piACC Android Application

Whether inside or outside of the vehicle, this Android mobile application allows you to manage your lights and accessories without requiring an in-cab unit.

piACC Relay Controller

The brains and brawn of the piACC suite. The relay controller stays under the good and manages up to four of your 12 volt accessories via any of the methods above.
Pop in an eight channel relay HAT to manage even more than four accessories. (Would require minimal software updates)