Worth a shot

So I figured I would open comments for anon for a day.
I should have known. 20 comments form bot posts.

It was worth a shot. I thought that possibly there would be one worthwhile
comment but I guess not.

Ye old faith in the web is pretty much dwindling to nil.
I guess my only hope now is in karma. May it prosper.

Efficiency (or lack there of)

The old saying that time is money still holds true.
It really amazes me that the new direction appears to be "the more complex it is, the better it is".
Personally, I do not believe it is true and you probably really notice this more if you have been around the block a few times... which I have.
I have seen things go from simple and efficient to complex and sometimes downright painfully less efficient.


Hmm.. well it turns out patreon had taken the OE content offline and was pending approval.
I have approved and it now should be up again.
Funny how they do that without notice so that I had no clue that the OE patreon site was not
even available.

Kind of foolish to send peeps to patreaon only to discover the page was not up. DOH.
This weekend I will be working on setting up the AAP roles. I have them created I just need to
start assigning content.


Playing with some site changes..

Now that I have a few extra drupal instances to play with there may be some site changes.
The problem with GD hosting is that it is painfully slow to make any changes. As I have mentioned in
some other posts that I believe it is their database sharing. Sites set up for open enrollment get totally owned
by bots which consume all of the db resources. I recall setting up my first WP site and within a few days it had
thousands of registrations and all of them were ficticous. Unless there is more control on mail registrations it is

Vacation officially over

So it turns out my last day of vacation was pretty much a pi day as well. With the passing of my father it has been a sad but hectic few weeks. I will miss him dearly.

I was however able to go through and set up three more drupal sites on my leftover pi3s.
Some of the updates I did I put up on the drupal section of the forums. I also turned my pi zero into a dedicated monitoring device for the gpmc320 radiation monitor, including passing it through a battery backup usb charger that I picked up a Micro Center.

Vacation - a week of .... work?

Ok, so I finally got my next vacation. It turned into a week of Pi. I was however able to accomplish a great detail, include setting up a few apache web servers including SSL, getting python to work with cgi and creating a python wemo control center that allows me to control some switches in my house, install and config drupal as well as playing some with SDR. I have placed many, including some new items under the forums. (I have also restructured the forums so that things are broken out a little better, mostly under the build section)

Pulling Adsense Advertisements

So I believe today I have decided that I will be pulling adsense ads from all of my 18 websites.
Before youtube pulled monetization I was maybe getting $20/month in some add revenue. Not much but at least it was something.
Now that they have pulled monetization I make absolutely nothing. I did set up adsense ads, but they have yet to earn a nickel.
Possibly I am doing something wrong but I see no reason to allow them to profit from my sites.

Chances are, the sites do not create a high enough volumn of traffic, so why even allow them to promote businesses.

Worth the effort?

So I have been thinking through this and as my first real vacation starts I am starting to wonder if it is worth the time.
The list is long and time is short and the next thing you know it, vacation will be over.
To manage so many websites is just a wealth of my time and with no real profit from doing it it is questionable on whether or not it is worth continuing.

I have been reviewing youtube analytics and the top hits are on the golf cart videos, so should I just concentrate on more of those?

New comic category on called FunnyBones

As time permits, I will be uploading some (hopefully) humourous comices up to
Here is a first example of many more to come.
There is so many things that come to mind.
Funny Bones Category

Here we go again..

The drama unfolds..


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