Follow Bo, a charismatic fellow who has spent his last 40+ years working on, with and around computers.. long before the internet even began.
A quiet, family man with everyday goals of making his mark on life, just waiting for his big break. Just like anyone else however, Bo also has a breaking point. A group of unfortunate individuals find out quickly that Bo's acknowledgement can have dire consequences in this fictional novel. Why are they following him of all people? Possibly the scariest part about Bo is his secretive nature. Taking it to the grave is not a problem for Bo, he is simply a man of action and his actions are something that you do not want to experience personally.

Bo has a mantra:
"You do not want to become the focus of my attention."
Follow Bo as one after another realize how true that statement really is.
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ACK is part of a three way handshake in the TCP protocol, an acknowledgement. SYN / SYN-ACK / ACK
Bo is the "ACK" and people will quickly realize why they should have never started a "SYN".
Research the TCP protocol and as you read on, it should become quite clear to you why we have selected this title for the book.