Bo in his youth was an outgoing and friendly person. The years however were not so nice to Bo. Struggling from a not-so-amicable marriage, his life turned into somewhat of a loaners paradise. After so many years of working to get ahead he was aw struck when his ex-wife left him with thousands of dollars of debt. This also instilled a very detrimental lack of trust in most people he came into contact with. Bo was however still friendly with people... though he just tried mostly to ignore them. This would pretty much be his life going forward.

A long holiday weekend

It was the middle of summer and a personal day made it a long weekend, so Bo took a trip up to the lake for some relaxation. It was many years after his divorce and he was finally starting to get his finances in order, but he still prefered to eat fast food. It was not due to the cost, it was more for the convenience of it all. He did not actually enjoy going into the establishment but simply opted to use the drive-thru and it eat in his car. Tethering his tablet with his cell phone provided an almost homey feel where he would eat a sandwich and watch some online media, enjoying the sites and people going in and out of the restaurant on their busy day.
This day however, is pretty much the day it all started.

The east end of the strip mall, where the fast food burger joint was housed, looked like a plaza ghost town. Painted yellow poles from when the plaza was in it's booming days were now tattered and torn with a mix of car paint scratches, missing paint and bare concrete. All of the windows were glazed over with some sort of white paint, which reminded him of the white polish used for patent leather shoes and made the entire place look like it had been closed for centuries. Scratches in the window paint gave brief glances of empty shelves, making it look like the apocalypse had come early to the quaint river town. "Bad for shoppers but good for Bo", he thought to himself. It was an entire parking lot made just for his lunch... or so he thought.

Parking almost near the end but far enough in the middle as not to attract attention like he was "up to something no good" if any patrolling police should pass by, he began to eat his burger. With nobody around for yards, he was quite content.

Looking up to get a sip of soda Bo noticed a small blue car cutting across the parking lot. Since the lot was empty, he assumed that maybe this happened often, a sort of cut-through from the one side of the plaza to the other, so he did not pay much attention where the car actually went. On getting a second sip of soda he noticed that the car had parked less than four parking spaces away and was not even close to parking between the lines. Ok, now this is really strange he thought. The first thing that came to his mind that he unknowingly picked some type of social "pickup" spot or parking lot drug distribution drop. The person in the other car payed no attention though, he sat with his head down looking at what appeared to be a cell phone. "How strange" Bo thought to himself. Just his luck. Just like boating, you could have the entire lake to yourself and some idiot will pull their boat up next to yours. He figured it was time to leave and proceeded to chow down the rest of his dinner start his hour long drive back home.

He really did not want to stick around and find out what this guys actual intentions were anyway.
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