CHAPTER 1: Page 10

Bo was a man of action but he also knew that actions had consequences, including his own.
If there were to be any retaliation against these offenders then it had to be well thought out.
"No thine enemy" is a phrase that is not to be taken lightly, Bo thought to himself. Without hesitation, a list of scenarios played through Bo's weary brain.
"What if she has a husband or boyfriend in special forces?"
"What if she is a gangster or foreign spy?"
"Even worse, what if she was actually better at computers than he was?"
While taking care of business is one thing, the last thing Bo wanted to do was bring any undue burden on himself. Before he would do anything, he would use any information that he got from his friend Tom, the part time policeman who lived two houses up to possibly learn more about the woman. If he could not get any information from Tom then he would simply write it off as a loss. Over the following week he never saw the woman's car again, so he figured that it was probably just a one time hack and run scenario.

Friday came quickly. Packing up his laptop at work in preparation for a well deserved weekend, Bo's cell phone rang... it was Tom!
Tom started the conversation jokingly about one of the other neighbors who would walk their dog occasionally on their street. "Can you believe that the SOB across the street from us actually ducked down behind some bushes so that his dog could dump a huge pile on old Miss Harring's yard?", Tom said laughingly.
At this point, Bo figured that the news about the woman was going to be non productive, since it sounded more like an opening gag in a stand up comedy routine than an offering of information.
After the punch line was delivered however, Tom's voice quickly turned to a very official tone, "Oh, by the way, that perp you had mentioned..."
Bo's ears perked up. Maybe Tom had come through with some information after all!
"It turns out that she is being watched for credit card fraud and her name is Shawna Presley", Tom said in a serious voice.
"No shit?", Bo quickly replied.
"Any relation to Elvis?" Bo quipped, attempting his own stand up routine.
Tom proceeded, "It turns out that a month ago, she was caught trying to use a stolen credit card at the gas station over on Main Street. You know the one right next to the hardware store".
"She claimed that she had found the card and accidentally used it instead of her own card by mistake so they let her go after confiscating the card."
Bo was quite relieved that his suspicions were truly valid.
Tom continued on.. "It turns out that she lives over on the west side in those apartments on Elm, you know the ones."
Bo knew that those apartments held quite a few of the towns, shall we say less than upstanding citizens. It was quite the home for crack heads, prostitutes and drug dealers. Because the rent was so low, many of the tenants frequently used the apartments more for conducting hourly visits then an actual living space.
"Thanks for the update Tom, I knew there was something about her I did not like", Bo replied.
"That is all I really have on her, but glad I could help.", Tom said, "I will let you know if I hear anything more".
"Great, and as always, I did not hear this from you." Bo said while flipping his thumb up in the air as if Tom could see it over the phone.
"Oh, and Tom, don't let your dog shit on my yard", he jokingly threw in as he hung up the phone. Become a Patron!This page is being written. Become a patron to get a preview.