WorkerBee Worklog

11/19/2019 - working. 11/17/2019 - I have added post methods along with a drop down where you can now add POST/GET keys . I have eliminated the GET text box over using the drop down list to create name/value pairs. I am currently working on adding the GET/POST methods to the primary screen. Test button is now working with both GET/POST on the API configuration screen but I am still seeing goofy issues with generic tablet and API's. For some reason it is not passing the string correctly though output of the string data is correct.


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I have completed all of the code for the post methods. I have also added a "dump" to the API test which will allow you to dump the entire event log to the API if you so choose. It turns out that the reason the primary page post was not work was due to the fact that I forgot to add the "save" method on the API - On checkbox. (Well, thars ur problem) The post method fixes the API problem on the generic tablet but I was unable to fix the GET method for that device, it still says invalid method no matter what I do so possibly that device has some char limit on GET data values. I have a few more small tweaks but hopefully will get this v2 version with post up today.