WorkerBee Tracks

WorkerBee Tracks (or logs) are recorded as a simple delimited text file and stored locally on your device as the countdown timer expires.
mm/dd/YYYY hh:mm:ssStartPainYour Note60.00.0
Events will be how the record was created such as Start/Stop/Run. Saving If you have correctly set up your WorkerBee API settings, either direct or cached, upon event fire the data will either be cached and fired on enter/exit or sent immediately to your API. You can use the test api button to see if you are receiving the correct response from your api application. Advanced API Depending on the configuration of your API, you can then leverage the data that has been uploaded by WorkerBee instances. In it's simplest format, you can wrap the data by loading the file and displaying it within an IFrame or loading the data into a textbox. The image above is an example of that exact process. In a more complicated format you can use this data to calculate a descriptive web page with worker tracking, work rate charging, manipulate into tables etc. Because the application tracking items are editable, you could easily add a sku to your list of tracking items and use that to determine rate per job calculations. There are many things being worked on with WorkerBee, Rate may be something we will add into a future release.