Video Object Tracking Using Blender - Actual video footage

This tutorial will take you through the steps of tracking an object within a video that you have created or recieved.
Use parenting to attach mesh objects to the tracking so that it follows along.
It can be used to add magnifiers, pointers, equipment and even the camera to follow along an objects path.
Level: Novice
Though the method is fairly straight forward you do need a basic understanding of working with Blender.
The tutorial only touches on one simple way to do tracking, but don't let simplicity fool you, there are many advanced tracking options if you dive into it further.

YouTube Excerpt:
Video object tracking tutorial using Blender, the free 3d tool with so much to offer. Track objects that are in your video and attach any 3d object to your tracking. Easy, step by step instructions and examples.
And yes, the tutorial video does contain actual strange object footage captured from my phone in late summer 2017 which is why I made the tutorial. I have know clue what was in the sky over Ohio. If you are bothered by this type of strange phenomena, please do not watch.

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