Working with Origins in Blender

Origins can make a big difference when playing with your objects in Blender, especially if you are going to use them in games or for 3D printing. The origin in the object is basically the focal point of the object.
It is the starting point in 3D space that your object acts around.
In 3D space you have 3 coordinates X, Y and Z. In most cases, X is left to right, Y is front to back and Z is up and down.
Some programs may change these coordinates so you need to somewhat understand them when working in 3D space..
As an example, if your Z coordinate is above the actual ground plane, your character will be up in the air. If not set correctly, it can affect how your object reacts in 3D space, especially in animations.
Scaling and rotation can also affect your object or model.
This video will cover some of the steps to make your model behave as expected by using the objects origins.