Woohoo piACC working

This calls for a new drawing.. I was able to get the headless pi zero working with the relays.
This will allow me to hopefully set up the piACC console without having to run wires into the cab!


Wonder if a handful of IP ranges registering in the top 10 that are registered to MIT means that you are being targeted by MIT or MIT is interested in something. Since it appears to be only on the root page I am thinking they are probably not complimentary visits.
Calls for a new meeting quick sketch post..

Patron Content

I have been working on getting additional patron content updated in both ACK and the forums.
It is somewhat daunting to add so much additional code but I think it is worth it.

Where has summer gone?

Wow, it is already mid-August .. where has the summer gone?

It has been in the low 90's here so much of the outdoor activities have been limited. I was able to cut down a few tree stumps this long holiday weekend but the heat limited how long I could work. It is interesting how the older you get the less you can stand the heat.

Slow is the new black, red is the new...

I know I have ranted before on New and Not Improved... It now seems to be the norm.
I am also starting to wonder if anyone actually likes the latest theme craze of the most gaudy looking layouts known to mankind.


With main stream media becoming almost unwatchable I have recently started watching more of the online streaming shows and movies.

Worth a shot

So I figured I would open comments for anon for a day.
I should have known. 20 comments form bot posts.

It was worth a shot. I thought that possibly there would be one worthwhile
comment but I guess not.

Ye old faith in the web is pretty much dwindling to nil.
I guess my only hope now is in karma. May it prosper.

Efficiency (or lack there of)

The old saying that time is money still holds true.
It really amazes me that the new direction appears to be "the more complex it is, the better it is".
Personally, I do not believe it is true and you probably really notice this more if you have been around the block a few times... which I have.
I have seen things go from simple and efficient to complex and sometimes downright painfully less efficient.


Hmm.. well it turns out patreon had taken the OE content offline and was pending approval.
I have approved and it now should be up again.
Funny how they do that without notice so that I had no clue that the OE patreon site was not
even available.

Kind of foolish to send peeps to patreaon only to discover the page was not up. DOH.
This weekend I will be working on setting up the AAP roles. I have them created I just need to
start assigning content.


Playing with some site changes..

Now that I have a few extra drupal instances to play with there may be some site changes.
The problem with GD hosting is that it is painfully slow to make any changes. As I have mentioned in
some other posts that I believe it is their database sharing. Sites set up for open enrollment get totally owned
by bots which consume all of the db resources. I recall setting up my first WP site and within a few days it had
thousands of registrations and all of them were ficticous. Unless there is more control on mail registrations it is


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