As Bo continued on with his impromptu mini vacation the thought of this stranger kept popping into mind. What the hell did this guy want? What would make him, in an empty parking lot, want to park so close to another car? It peaked his attention and thoughts of different scenarios played out in his head. Undercover cop maybe, just keeping an eye on a strange car in a parking lot? After all, Bo parking out in the middle of nowhere was a bit suspicious in itself. Maybe he was just a friendly old sole who was looking for someone to talk to? Maybe Bo was in his lunch spot and he was offended that Bo was parking too close to his daily lunch location?... who knows, Bo wrote it off as "just one of those things".

Bo finished up his day by the lake and headed on his hour long drive home, leaving the thoughts of the incident up at the lake. He was not going to dwell on it any more, but little did he know that this would not be over any time soon.

The next week at work things were normal. Bo was the type of person who came into work early and left work late. This was an ethic that was instilled in him buy his father, a carpenter who took great pride in his trade and his work, a lacking trait, he thought, in today's fast pace lifestyle. He saw in a movie one time where the man said "early is on time and on time was late" and Bo thought "Hey, that is me". There was however that one time during the day that was "Bo's time" and that time was lunch time. To Bo lunch was like yoga. It was his time to zen out and get away from it all for an hour and he looked forward to it. It was his regeneration to take on the second half of the day. Bo's lunch schedule was a simple one, just like up at the lake, Fast Food / Parking Lot / Return.. like clockwork. Not one of those cheap time pieces but a carefully crafted Swiss watch. He always tried to pick a spot where there were no cars because to Bo there was nothing worse than trying to eat lunch with someone parked right next to him, it was a distraction. Unlike in all the years past though, every time he parked now he would think of that strange car parking next to him in an empty parking lot and began to take notice.

At first, everything seemed normal, but gradually as time went on Bo started to notice that same scenario playing out over and over again... a pattern. He quickly became aware of his surroundings before he would fire up his tablet to watch current videos. He would park as far away as he could, but no matter where he went, someone would park within a few parking spots of where he was at. This really peaked his interest. Are they up to something he thought? At times he would notice that the other car did not even get food, they simply pulled into the parking lot and parked next to his car.

At this point Bo was beginning to get angry. After all, they were disrupting his zen. The only time during the day he had to himself and now he was sharing that time with some stranger.
"How dare they! These people are like a TICK!" Bo thought. And what do you do with ticks? That's right, you burn their ass until they rear their ugly little head and then you squish'm just like any other parasite!

Bo needed to establish a plan. He decided to pick up one of those recordable dash cams and he installed it on the passenger seat, underneath the headrest. He thought that minimally, he would have proof of these strange rituals. It was starting to happen more and more, way too many times to be just a coincidence.

Bo was on to something but he was not going to like what he finds...