Was Bo on to something? Yes he was, but now would be a good time to stop and reflect a little bit on Bo himself. Let's call it a boverview.

As stated in the beginning, Bo's father was a carpenter and Bo spent his fair share of time in the construction industry. He was a somewhat burly man with dark brown hair standing a little under six feet tall, hitting somewhere shy of two hundred pounds. His construction days were not the "stand around sweep up dirt" kind, they were the exhausting "shovel until you cannot open your hands, stop at the pub for a few pints to ease the pain and then get up the next day and do it all over again" kind. This was his main reason for getting into computers. After a few years of construction he said to himself "There has to be a better way". In his father's final years, Bo realized the toll that construction had taken on him and was certainly glad that he did not follow that path. It was extremely hard for Bo to watch his father struggle in his senior years with the pain that construction had put on his life and body. Now that does not meant that the computer life is all fun and games. Bo had realized that there was a big difference between being physically exhausted and mentally exhausted. When he was in construction, though physically exhausted, he would walk off of the job site and not think about again until the next day when he would show up with sore muscles, cuts and bruises, aches and pains that cut right down to the bone. After a few years of working on computers however, he quickly realized that you would walk off of the job, but mentally you would think about it all night long, day after day. It seemed to be a never ending and vicious cycle.
To this day, Bo is still not sure which was "really" more exhausting.

As Bo converted from the physical work force to the mental work force though, he simply could not get enough of it. In his earlier years, he would continuously read anything he could about all parts of this brand new world. He was like a sponge. Without any formal training, it was all that he could do to stay ahead of the grade. He befriended as many computer professionals as he could, absorbing as much information and traits as he could, finally landed a job in the telecommunications field. Little did he know, this would be the start of his career in Information Technology. Luckily for Bo, the people he would meet along the way were the cream of the crop. The top echelon of the industry. Once you are accepted to this inner circle, there is a wealth of knowledge unavailable to the normal technician. This was not without cost however. Countless long hours, weeks of traveling abroad away from his family would test any persons mental capacity.

Every free moment, Bo spent learning more and more about how things functioned. He spent countless hours at the library, finding anything he could on computers and how they functioned. He would bring home the "extremely dry reading" manuals from work, determined to learn it all, down to the last bit. Many of it he did not understand but figured that somewhere down the line it would help him understand things, even if he did not know what it meant it at the time... and it payed off. Telecommunications lead to networking, networking lead to servers, his path kept changing and he was traveling around the country. He spent countless hours digging through packet data and understanding how it all functions figuring that it would pay off eventually. It gave him an extremely broad knowledge of how all of the pieces fit together, ALL of the layers. To Bo, it was like a whole new universe had just opened up. This was long before cell phones and tablets.. it was the root of where those devices started and he had started at the root. As a matter of fact, Bo's current IT job was working for a cellular carrier, for which he had started in mobile's infancy. When asked about college, Bo simply says "If you were going into battle would you rather had someone who had spent 5 years reading about guns or someone who has 5 years of actually firing them?"... Touché.

Some twenty-plus years of this brings us back to the story. I thought it was important to realize that Bo was not just some other guy in the parking lot with a cell phone and a tablet, he was well versed and trained in all facets of the field. Bo blamed that time spent as the probable reason for his divorce. It was his first true love and passion though he probably should have spent more of that time focusing on his wife at the time. But there was a job to do and to keep up, it was the only thing he could think of. He NEEDED to become successful at it to support his family.