CHAPTER 1: Page 8

What Bo found most interesting about the entire situation was how stupid people could actually be. If you were attempting to break into someone's device, would you make it so blatantly obvious that you were up to something?
The blue sedan pulled immediately into the parking lot without any regard for the parking lines. It was like they were staring at their phone while they were pulling in. It was obvious that they had one thing on their mind... and it was not food. With network monitoring already running Bo began to watch the screen. Still nothing.
Then it happened. A new IP address had been assigned via DHCP and it was registering traffic. The first thing Bo did was to write down the MAC address of the device entering his subnet. He wanted to insure he had all of this recorded as proof. He also grabbed the car license of the car since it was obvious they thought that he had no clue of what they were up to and they parked with their license plate clearly within Bo's view.
Bo also started his dash cam and turned it ever so slightly to insure that the whole thing was being recorded on video and their car was in the frame.
The first thing Bo noticed was that they were attempting port scans against his devices. Since he had filtered traffic to exclude his own devices he promptly turned the filter off. He wanted to see both sides of the network conversations. Parking at an angle made it harder to see who was actually in the car, but from Bo's limited point of view he could clearly tell that it was a woman. Bo thought for sure that if someone was going to try to get into his devices it would be a young kid just trying to be cool or maybe a foreigner trying to send bank data or pictures back to the home land. From what Bo could make out however, this was a middle aged woman and slightly hideous looking. As she lifted her arm up to adjust her mirror he could see large ripples of fat, flapping around like her arms were made of water balloons. "She definitely ain't no prom queen" Bo laughingly said out loud. "I think I will call her Broom Hilda"

His first reaction was to approach her, but Bo knew that if he let on that he was watching what she was doing he might never get the chance again.
Bo decided to kill all connections on his devices by putting them in airplane mode. This would be a good sign that if suddenly everything dropped she would lose interest. Almost immediately after shutting down the devices old Broom Hilda started up her car and drove immediately away.
Bo finally had the proof that he was looking for.. and she had certainly got his attention.

There is one strange thing about Bo. If you do something that displeases him, he will never publicly retaliate. He will let you know that he is displeased and that is all there is to it. Bo says that he would rather have someone wonder the rest of their life.. were they just having a bad day... or...
This is how this is all going to play out. No confrontation, but as Bo said at the beginning of this story: "You do not want to become the focus of my attention". Become a Patron!This page is being written. Become a patron to get a preview.