CHAPTER 1: Page 7

Summer was ending fast and Bo knew that he had to finish creating his device. Before continuing he wanted to put his network monitoring to the test.

Initial Monitor

Bo's "day to day" phone had internet sharing. He decided that before going any further that he would perform his normal lunch routine but he would also join his monitoring device to the phones wifi network. With only two device addresses on the network it would be easy to set up a filter for any other address that joins it. Anything besides those two devices meant that someone was joining him for lunch. Once he was certain that this was actually the case, only then would he dig into it further. Bo did not have much time and wanted to insure that the time he spent doing this little project was even worth the effort.

Bo shoved everything into his laptop case, deciding that tomorrow he would perform his first live test. It would certainly take some time before he was actually able to confirm any wrong doing so the sooner he got started the better.
"Things like this could not happen every day" Bo thought to himself. He also contemplated that maybe he was just a little bit crazy. Just a middle age, paranoid old man who was letting his imagination get the best of him. Truth be told, he may have been correct, but the only way he was going to know for sure was to proceed with his testing.

More than a week went by and there was not a single out of place address on his network.
Bo's first reaction was that maybe he should remove the password from his wifi. He quickly realized that this would not be a true test of someone hacking his connection, it could be anyone who has allowed their device to connect to any open network. Foolish he thought, but not intentional. Bo wanted definitive proof that someone was actually performing an exploit.

The "bobber" was now floating on top of the water on a still, lifeless pond. He just had to sit and stare at it until it gave it's first glimpse action. That little nibble that makes it bounce ever so slightly, indicating that something has been attracted to the bait. It could be a curious minnow or it could be a trophy catch, but until it takes the bait, there is no clue of what it actually is. Pure anticipation.
Little did Bo know, that on that day the first strike was coming sooner than he had expected.

Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning, hackers take warning!

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