CHAPTER 1: Page 5

The setup had to be stealthy. A green bug on a green plant is almost completely disguised. Put that same bug on white siding and it will stick out like a sore thumb. Bo knew that everything had to look like it was just another part of his everyday life. No bells, no whistles just compact as to not attract attention.

Bo recalls back in grade school when they had placed a ban on radios and electronic devices in school. Back in those days the radios were not like they are today, they were big and bulky, like a radio straight out of the landing at IWO Jima. This presented a challenge for Bo. It was not so much that he wanted to actually listen to the radio, he wanted to find a way to sneak one into school and prove that it could be done. He disassembled a radio entirely and built it into his "Trapper Keeper" notebook (a school requirement) under the ugly brown fake leather facade. Carefully, like a surgeon, he cut and slid each component underneath the binders skin until he had the entire radio rebuilt into the notebook. With a "mono" plug on the binding (that's right, radios only had one speaker back then) he could run an earphone up his sleeve, plug into his radio and could listen to the radio during class. He was the envy of his friends, though he did not actually use it... he just had to prove it could be done, without getting caught. This same concept would become his approach. A laptop bag made the perfect host. Room for a battery, the pi computers and the phone. Since he carried one daily and just about everywhere he went it would not be noticeable that there was more than just a simple laptop in the bag.
It was time for surgery once again.

The first step will be setting up the monitoring HAT. This will allow him to see what is going on without looking at the screen. A simple LED notification on the outside of the case. Red LED means there is something worth opening up the case and view the monitoring screen.

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