CHAPTER 1: Page 6

At this point, Bo had the true beginning of his monitoring device.
He added a small 9 inch touch display to make it easier to configure the device but debated reducing it down to a 5 or 3 inch display. Usage would determine this factor and until he had it in action he decided to go big. Since he had both of the other displays it would be easy to switch it in the future.

The next step would be the base software.
"What will I need to monitor", Bo thought to himself. Just like fishing, you set up the right equipment, bait the hook and then wait for some unsuspecting fish to come along to take the bait. Bo was not interested in a trophy catch, this was more of a "catch and release" analogy.
Luckily, over the years Bo was sent to many official hacking seminars, workshops and training classes offered by some of the leaders in the industry, so he figured that minimally he would be many steps ahead of your common, everyday script kiddie. Going with a standard Pi system was simply not going to cut it. Bo knew that if he was going to catch these "no-goodnicks" he was also going to have to go on the offensive. Kali Linux is a special version of Linux operating system designed specifically for hacking... offensive hacking. One thing that Bo knew for sure was that by using software designed for hacking, written by hackers, you may get more than you bargained for, so he had to be careful on his additional software selections. Kali offers pre-built solutions for situations just like this. While this was true white hat hacking, the laws pertaining to this type of thing can be a bit blurry between right and wrong. It can also bring about federal offenses and he did not want this to backfire on him, making himself open to legal ramifications.

Bo's Tackle Box

Bo new right away that he would need to monitor network traffic so Wireshark was a no brainer. Being open source, he could easily install it on his new Pi monitoring station. This way if someone attempted to get onto his mobile device's wifi or establish a blue tooth connection, he could minimally obtain their network address. It would also allow him to verify that something was truly happening against his machine... A nibble on his proverbial bait. Become a Patron!This page is currently being written. Become a patron to get a preview behind the scenes.